Work You Have Never Heard Of

I listen to a radio show called On Being. On that program, I heard mention of a field called Environmental Humanities. What is that, I wondered. It sounded intriguing. I learned that it is part of a movement to cross traditional subject lines and create new interdisciplinary majors.

About a week ago, I did some research on engineering. The number of specialties is astonishing. Some I was aware of and some were brand-new. I am a career coach. Very interesting.

It is impossible to be aware of the thousands of occupations that workers perform in the world or in your region. This is why I place such emphasis with my clients on research, research, research. Learn, learn, learn. It is easy to do and it really pays off long-term.

New careers are emerging as you read.  One of those may be just the path you want. If we work together, you will choose from an informed place. My clients and I are dedicated to smart choices.

To talk over your situation and my services, just contact me for your complimentary initial appointment. You will leave our talk with information to decide whether my services are a good match. I look forward to speaking!