Work That Is Real

Piercy“The pitcher cries for water to carry and a person for work that is real.” This thought-provoking quotation comes from author and social activist Marge Piercy.

What do you think Piercy means by a pitcher crying for water to carry? How do you understand her statement that a person cries for work that is real?

I set out with my clients to discover work that fulfills who they are and that is needed in the world. I consider work that is meaningful  for the individual and for the community to be one good definition of work that is real.

My clients and I join hands and combine our resources to discover such work. We accomplish that together.

If you wish to schedule a complimentary initial appointment, just click on email or call 404-897-1766. In that 45 minute phone apppointment, we will discuss your work life and the career services I offer.

You will hang up from our talk with information  to think over and decide whether we are a good match. I look forward to speaking!