Work Appeal Is A Practical Question

As a career coach, I say to my clients that appeal is a key feature of practical life/work choice. You will perform far better in work that appeals. You will be more successful in a job search for work that appeals. Appeal is a very practical matter!

Of course there are other very practical questions. There is location, money, training, lifestyle fit.  All are important. And yet appeal needs to lead the way in making a truly practical and sustainable choice.

As my clients explore strengths and interests and values, they develop a list of occupations that appeal. During this stage, we do not critique.  We simply discover work that truly appeals. A little later, we will consider practicality from variousl angles. In that later stage, we will assess and narrow down.

I have found that many people will critique and dismiss their appealing ideas in a second. I ask my clients to let me participate in deciding what to dismiss. In the final analysis, it is always the client’s choice. However, I do want the chance to advocate for an appealing possibility that my client might quickly dismiss.  And then, I step back and see what they decide.

Too many people find themselves in work that was chosen without considering the importance of appeal. Appealing work nourishes, motivates, inspires. Appealing work gets you through hard times. I am an advocate for the practicality of work that truly appeals!

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