What Next?

We schedule a complimentary appointment by phone. If we find a good fit and you wish to proceed, we schedule to begin.  Individual meetings and seminars are by free conference call. Distance coaching supports the regular schedule which promotes progress and success. Neither travel nor traffic gets in our way. My commitment is to provide high-quality life/work coaching to the widest range of clients at a sustainable cost.

Here is how one client experienced our work:

Yanna Speaks

As someone who sees herself more as a follower than a leader, the idea of starting my own organization made me queasy. Working with Diane helped me take a new, very practical look at my idea by examining its viability and designing its development. In our sessions, Diane presented me with important and thought-provoking questions as well as suggestions on how to build my organization. Diane wasn't a cheerleader. She was a serious partner in building a conversation about my professional development, vision, skills, and future.

Diane encouraged me, but she also challenged me. One of the most helpful components of our sessions was the homework assigned. Week after week, Diane required the completion of important work that we both saw as necessary "next steps" to the birth of a new organization. It was because of our weekly deadlines that I was able to brush aside my personal insecurities and proceed with tasks that would have otherwise paralyzed me.

My organization is still in its infancy, but it is certainly alive and vibrant. I owe a big thank you to Diane for helping me realize that I have the capacity to carve my own career path and give meaning to my work.

Yanna is founder and director of a community-based organization working to inform parents in the Washington, D.C. area about local environmental threats to children's health. She lives with her husband and child in Washington, D.C

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