What Is Career Transition?

Career transition can have various meanings. Last week I was contacted by a former client who said thanks for helping him feel the confidence to continue searching and find work again. He landed a position in the same industry doing work he enjoys.

His transition was simply from one position in his field to a slightly different role. The help he needed was to believe it could happen after his industry and self-esteem tanked with the economy.

I am helping a client find work that will let him relocate from one side of the country to the other.  His transition will be to another region and to another role in his profession. He wants to be more hands-on and out-of-doors.  When we met, he was discouraged. He now has a phone interview set for next Wednesday.

“Whether this position works out or not,” he said with a smile, “getting this interview tells me I can succeed.” He is on his way.

Other clients work with me to change fields entirely.  A former client emailed her thanks for helping her find a new focus in a growing industry. She shared her satisfaction with her new professional training.

It is always a delight to hear from my clients about how they are growing their lives and their communities. I learn from my clients as they learn from me.

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