What Is Career Coaching?

My clients and I form a creative partnership. Together we create a new work life.

I spoke this week to a woman about my services. Let me call her Susan. It gradually became clear that Susan believed her success in career coaching would depend entirely and totally on me.  So she was understandably nervous about turning herself over to be “fixed”.

Susan believed that career coaching resembles a service like dentistry where you present yourself and the professional provider does something to you to improve you. But career coaching is not like that.  Career coaching is much more like the service of physical therapy.

In physical therapy, you go to the professional provider with a need for help. Your service provider listens and then formulates a plan for you.  The implementation of that plan will involve work together and some homework for you. You are a very active agent in physical therapy and you play a big part in the outcome.

In career coaching and physical therapy, the success of the service depends on a partnership between the professional provider and the client as a motivated participant.  The successful approach is a creative collaboration.

The dentist can predict the outcome of what is done “to you”. The physical therapist can predict a probable outcome that will depend on both of your efforts. The career coach can also predict a probable outcome that will require your active participation with her guidance in a creative partnership.

You can be encouraged that you will play an active role in your career coaching outcomes. You can be encouraged that when you and your coach work creatively together, you will find your new work life emerging.

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