What Career Help Do You Need?

Thinking HardCareer coaches help in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at a few.

My clients often arrive seeking guidance in choosing or advancing a career. They want help to find work that appeals and is meaningful and practical for their specific circumstances.

It can feel discouraging to pursue that exploration alone.  And it can be hard to explore with family or friends who may be overly invested in your choices and understandably not well informed.

So my clients want help from a partner who can be an experienced guide and still leave the driving to them.

And there is the matter of progress. My clients welcome a schedule of homework and weekly meetings to create forward movement. They want help to make progress happen!

And many are wanting emotional support. Working alone or with the wrong helpers can be demoralizing. A good coach will believe in you and your prospects regardless of how you may be feeling on a particular day.

To discuss the career help you may need, just click on Contact and I will be glad to reply.  We will schedule a 45 minute complimentary phone appointment to discuss your situation and my services.

You will hang up that call with information to think over and decide whether we are a right match. I am eager to meet and hope to hear from you today!