What Are Your Preferred Strengths?

WhoYou have strengths and you have strengths you prefer. So you may be good with writing and you may love numbers. You may be good with athletics and you may prefer conversation.

You don’t want to give up writing or athletics, but you may want to consider numbers and/or conversation as building blocks for your career. They are not simply strengths.  They are preferred strengths.

Many years ago, I went through a career coaching process with a very good counselor. She gave me an exercise that I use with my clients today for identifying preferred strengths.  The strengths that my counselor and I identified were definitely strengths that I do prefer. And my strengths included conversation!

Identifying preferred strengths as well as interests and career priorities is key to the work that my clients and I accomplish. We explore who you are from different angles as we work our way toward meaningful and sustainable career choices for you.

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