Use Good Career Resources

One resource for your career exploration is the Occupational Outlook Handbook.  Based on research by the Department of Labor, this very readable resource can be found online or in print. The OOH contains information on occupations that most Americans go into. You will not find unconventional work here. Those positions will require other research.

The OOH provides the same information for each included career. Remember that this is not local information and check the publish date to see how recent the information is. Supplement as needed with information published in the current year and with info that is local.

The OOH predicts demand in the American workplace for each career. Local demand may be different. You are given ways to find additional information. That is a valuable section. General nature of the work and the usual required training are also included for each occupation.

Although the OOH must be supplemented with information specific to your situation, it is a useful way to expand your exploration. If you wish to discuss your situation and learn more about my services, just contact me to schedule your complimentary appointment. You will leave that meeting with information to decide whether we are a good match.


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