Blamtastic Girls Go Global!

Recently I turned on CNN to an interview with two young sisters. The younger girl is ten and her sister is all of twelve. I was soon amazed to learn that Melanie and Lily started a business in 2008 which has already gone global!!  Yes, you heard that right. Pre-teens. Two years. Gone global.

These are not high-tech Stanford guys. These are girls with a supportive mom who wanted her daughters to learn that they can succeed in the business world. And so she encouraged them to start a business of their choosing. They did exactly that. And what a great job they have done!

The business known as Blamtastic Lip Balm was co-founded by Lily and Melanie. They do the designing of cool lip balms in many tasty flavors for girls and guys while allowing mom to carry on a backup role as president and cheerleader.

Blamtastic is a great example of sustainable work for a sustainable world. The Blamtastic website tells us that ingredients are carefully chosen for health and never ever tested on animals and always produced in the USA. Plus the Blamtastic team supports a wide variety of charities including the Humane Society of the United States and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and the Diamond Dawgs Travel Baseball Team of Jackson County GA.

We live in a global economy that present new demands.  Work that was done by your parents and grandparents may have become automated or moved to lower wage lands.  To thrive in this new global workplace, both information and creativity are needed as never before.

Be inspired by the story of sisters Lily and Melanie and the tasty community-minded product that they invented and  sent all around the world.  And if you know some success stories of how folks are creating their lives in this new and challenging economy, please share them here so we all can learn and be inspired. Thanks!