Success Stories

George Speaks

Diane is a very personable, passionate, and honest person. She is deeply committed to helping her clients find the best possible solutions for themselves. She takes the time to ask excellent questions, and she gives  recommendations to help you decide which course of action to take. She is reasonable, and very flexible. It is my pleasure to recommend her as a Career Coach/Counselor and as a person of the highest integrity.

George used career coaching to make a major life transition from semi-skilled work to becoming an accountant. He has completed an accounting degree and found work with a family-friendly firm which was important to him as a family man who is active in his Atlanta community.

Jim Speaks

I had never used a counselor in my life and never felt a need for one. But when the economy brought about major changes in our family business, I had no idea where to turn. I was making a six-figure living at something I had done all my adult life. I was used to working independently and handling a variety of challenging tasks. I had never done a job search. And I did not even know what to aim for now that I was facing a transition.

I heard of Diane and that turned out to be a very good thing. We concentrated on clarifying my focus. Having that clarity made a huge difference when I resumed my job search. Diane was a thoughtful guide and a concerned partner. She is reasonable in her charges. I recommend her very highly as an expert career guide who cares about your success.

Once he knew where he was heading, Jim turned his experience and his connections into a dream job that has him working in beautiful outdoor environments handling high-end real estate. He is making a little less money but says that his quality of life more than makes up for that difference. Jim shows that career success takes many forms.

Yanna Speaks

As someone who sees herself more as a follower than a leader, the idea of starting my own organization made me queasy. Working with Diane helped me take a new, very practical look at my idea by examining its viability and designing its development. In our sessions, Diane presented me with important and thought-provoking questions as well as structure and support. Diane wasn’t a cheerleader. She was a serious partner in building a conversation about my professional development, vision, skills, and future.

Diane encouraged me, but she also challenged me. One of the most helpful components of our sessions was the homework. Week after week, Diane required the completion of important work that we both saw as necessary “next steps” to the birth of my new organization. It was because of our weekly deadlines that I was able to brush aside my personal insecurities and proceed with tasks that would have otherwise paralyzed me.

I owe a big thank you to Diane for helping me realize that I have the capacity to carve my own career path and give deep meaning to my work.

Yanna is founder and director of a community-based organization working to inform parents in the Washington, D.C. area about local environmental threats to children’s health. She lives with her husband and child in Washington, D.C

Ed Speaks

When I finally called Diane, I was at a low point. I had put years of money and time into a professional education followed by a professional career. Then, at mid-life, I did not want to go to work in the mornings. After all that I had accomplished, I was in the wrong field. I finally admitted to myself that I could not face this for another 20 years or more. So I called a few career coaches and chose Diane.

Our work was a challenge but we both gave it everything we had and I was able to identify appealing career choices that drew on what I had done and took that in another direction. I was ready to get more education if needed but it turned out that we could make it work without that. I am happy to get up in the mornings now and I give Diane a lot of credit for helping that happen. She is good at what she does.

Ed took a position with an international consulting company where he uses his professional expertise in an entirely new way.  He does organizational analysis and creates staff training and development programs for large employers. He likes his work.

Nancy Speaks

Diane helped me get my career focus right. I had been looking too long and I had no idea what wasn’t working. I started to think it was hopeless. Feedback from family and friends didn’t work. I finally decided to use a career coach and I selected Diane. Good choice!

What helped me was the individualized attention I got. Diane gave structure that was individualized to fit me.  There was a framework and someone who was involved in my progress. I got frank and helpful feedback.  The investment in Diane’s services was well worth it. She helped me do what I needed and wanted to do.

Nancy now works in community relations with a growing enterprise and she enjoys the chance to put on several hats in a dynamic environment. She lives with her long-term partner in Atlanta.

Dana speaks

I was in serious need of a serious career change. I had two degrees and was working over 50 hours a week with a multinational corporation. I made good money but I saw little chance of satisfaction or of having a personal life.

I had done some looking around online but saw little that fit or appealed. I had another 30 years of work ahead. So I began to look for a career guidance specialist and found Diane. She was qualified and affordable. We could talk. I signed up.

Diane helped me in many ways. We got on a regular schedule and I had homework. The guidance she offered was clear and straightforward. She challenged me as needed in a helpful way. She was clear that I had to commit to the process.

With Diane’s help, I discovered my next career move. When I resumed my job search, I knew what I was after and I was accustomed to keeping a regular schedule. Thanks, Diane!

Dana made a major change within the company she was with. Her new work has regular hours and is focused on community development. She feels proud of what she does and looks forward to getting up in the morning. Dana lives in Atlanta and now has a personal life.