Should You Job Seek Abroad?

As a life/work coach, I follow career trends.  An emerging trend is that the American job search is more often global.

Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, testified to Congress that the world is seeing two economies developing at two different speeds. In what he called the industrialized economies, the speed has slowed down. That includes America and Europe. In the emerging economies, there is rapid and dynamic growth.  That includes China, India, Brazil, and more.

Consequently, we are seeing more job seekers in the slower economies expanding their searches to include the emerging and dynamic sectors. This includes experienced workers who are looking afar to see where their expertise may be in demand.

We are in a new world that calls for new eyes and creative imagination. To explore your options locally and/or abroad, you may contact me to schedule a complimentary conversation.  Perhaps I can help.