Short term work is a growing employer choice

Will you become a long-term, short-term worker? Statistics point toward that possibility.

According to the Bureau of Labor Stats (BLS), more than 25% of all U. S. private-sector jobs added in 2010 were temp positions. Contrast this with only 7% temp jobs in recovery from recession in the early 2000s.  Temp work typically plays a role in recovery from recession as employers play it safe on hiring, but typically employers return to long-term hiring as the economy stabilizes.

2011 will show whether today’s much larger temp scene will continue that pattern and trend toward “normal” hiring. There are strong incentives to continue hiring temps who, along with consultants and contractors, save employers serious money on health care and retirement benefits and who fit nicely into time-limited project teams.

According to one 2010 workforce trends study, 80 percent of employers expected the size of their temporary, contractor, and project team workforce to remain the same or grow in 2011.  The BLS predicts staffing agencies to be among the top ten industries over the next ten years. Temp positions range from entry level to CEO with at least half being professional positions. Workers need to stay educated and very smart with work choices today.