Perform Your Work Life Large!

As a career coach, I encourage my clients to play large. In this job market, anxiety or caution can make you play small. Regardless of how you feel, this is  a time to play bigger.

If you are looking, you must enlarge your search unless your field is in high demand. Most workers face tough competition, and so most need to learn new and creative ways to search. Most need to expand.

If you want to establish your own enterprise, any time can be a good time depending on how creative and thoughtful and persistent you will be.  Establishing your own small business is, by definition, playing large.

Perhaps you want to grow in your workplace. You want to play larger and give more. Creativity and communication will be key to expanding your presence and impact.

Employed or not, everyone needs to be learning. Good learners are leading in work and in life.  Everyone needs to be adding skills, updating skills, learning new subjects, performing larger.  How to do that needs to fit who you are.

To discuss how you can perform your life larger,  contact me for your complimentary appointment. You will leave with information to decide whether my services are a good fit.  I hope to hear from you!