Not Your Parents’ Work World

I heard President Obama say something memorable to high school grads.  I believe no previous American President has ever said this to American kids. Obama told these young Americans that they would be competing for work with young people in India and China. Truly this is not what their parents heard at their high school graduation.

I see the teenage children of parents I know making decisions about college. And college kids are making decisions about a major field. I want to sit the kids and parents down to say that you cannot afford a thoughtless decision today. Too much is changing to rely on what worked even five years ago.  Too much is at stake to think you already understand.

Work that was in demand even recently may be going overseas by now. We have learned to think of manufacturing jobs in that way.  Today there are white collar jobs, professional jobs, technical jobs being sent abroad at increasing rates. These jobs are being sent to areas where there is a highly educated workforce with lower pay scales. That includes India and China. As President Obama said, those kids are hard-working and hungry.

Career coaches need to be informed on the world today. Otherwise it is impossible for us to help. I have no idea what high school counselors are aware of, but as a parent I would find out. And as a college student, I would do careful and current research to choose that major field.

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