Meet My Clients

My clients are interesting and varied.  Here are a few I am working with now.  Both photos and names are fictitious. All client stories are real.

Adam is in his thirties. He lost his way after completing college on a full scholarship. He has moved from one entry-level job to the next. His interests are very different from those of his family. We are working on career exploration and on keeping up his spirits.

Steven is a high achiever.  He has advanced in his work and makes an excellent income. However, he is unhappy with his work and he especially dislikes the very long hours which keep him from friends, family, and interests he used to enjoy. We are working to find alternatives which provide more life/work balance

Jean is a college-educated woman with 30 years of responsible professional experience. She was knocked off track by the 2008 recession and decided to complete an expensive and difficult training program for a new career.  Once Jean entered this new field of work,  she found that she seriously dislikes it. She and I are  engaged in career exploration.

Sue skipped college and advanced over many years into a six figure career. She is burned out and is not sure where to turn given that she is the sole support of a family. We are looking at what career moves Sue can make that require little or no further education. And we maintain a focus on keeping her spirits up.

These are a few of the wide range of clients who partner with me to discover new life/work options.  There are many others.

To schedule your complimentary 45 minute phone appointment, please leave a message at 678-612-2596 or simply email and I will be glad to reply. You will leave our talk with information to help  you decide whether my services are a good match. I hope to hear from you soon!