Learn How to Read Job Statistics

My job as a career coach includes believing in my clients even when they are discouraged. It is my job to help my clients see their possibilities in new ways.

For example, we discuss how to read job market statistics in a way that is both encouraging and accurate.

Let’s say you have read that job seekers in your age group have a 30 percent chance of finding a position within a year. You may hear that news as discouraging. And certainly it would be preferable to hear that job seekers of your age have a 70 percent chance.

However, you have two perfectly accurate ways to think of the initial statement. You can think of yourself as in the 70 percent who won’t find the job in a year. Or you can remember that 30 out of every 100 are finding the job.

And why shouldn’t you be one of that thirty people? This is an example of how my clients learn to read statistics in a way that works for them.

Finding honest ways to keep your spirits up is one goal of career coaching.  To learn more about how career services can help, just contact me to schedule your complimentary appointment. You will leave that meeting with information to think over and decide whether my services would be a good match. I hope to hear from you today!