Learn From Your Strengths!

Start with accomplishments.

Schedule a quiet time and think back over your life. Consider every age of your life to remember times when you did something, large or small, that gave you a sense of accomplishment. You may have done this with others or on your own. Perhaps you were at work or at school or at home. What matters is that you did something that you felt successful about at that time. Write down each memory briefly. Remember nothing is too large or too small.

Your next step is a strengths analysis.

Now look at each success and ask “What strengths did I demonstrate in making this happen?”  A few examples could be optimism, math ability, work processing skills, attention to detail, interpersonal skills, mechanical skill, hard worker, leadership ability, athletic, great support person, strong work habits, etcetera. Write down the strengths that come to mind fairly easily. Every time a strength shows up in your analysis, write it down or check it off again.

Study your list.

Following your analysis, consider your list to see which strengths repeat and how often.  You can begin to see clusters and patterns. Play around with ways to organize your findings. A similar exercise has been a favorite with my clients for years.  It can be part of discovering work that fits the strengths that you both have and enjoy exercising. I call these your preferred strengths. Those are strengths which can help you in choosing life/work!