Is A Certificate for You?

transitionCertificate programs have become a popular choice for those who do and don’t have a college degree. If you are up for doing your research, a certificate may advance your career, increase your pay, open the door to a new line of work, help you re-enter the job market after a long time away. These are some of the reasons to consider adding a certificate to your resume.

Good programs can be found online, in community colleges, and in universities. Tuition can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Programs can be part-time or full-time. Many will take less than a year to complete.

Some of the fields where certificates can hold value are project management, personal training, IT support, nursing, financial planning, medical coding, architecture, and education. There are many more.

Always do your homework first. Check position openings in your area of interest. Check whether employers ask for a certificate. Are there many openings where you want to live? Do you know anyone with such a certificate or simply someone in that field? Does a school you would consider offer placement services and what is their record with recent graduates?

Certificate programs often do not require a long time or great expense to add value to your resume. They can offer advancement, new choices, better pay. They can open doors. The first step is always to do the research so that you can be as sure possible that a certificate program is the right choice for you.

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