How to Create Your Life/Work

Finding work that nourishes you and the world requires commitment and creativity. Few are lucky enough to “fall into” it.  Many assume others have done a much better job of finding their life/work path. That is not my experience. I think many have found work that is at best okay. Sometimes okay with good money but at best okay.

My clients want more than okay and sometimes hope that I can make that quick and easy.  So I sometimes need to say that our work is likely to be a challenge.  It is an interesting process as we explore your strengths, priorities, and values, and you gain information on the world of work.  But a serious career exploration process can challenge you as well.

I say to those who want easy results that the challenge of this work is like the challenge of making an A in a class. For an A result in career coaching, you will have excellent attendance and put your very best into homework and use everything the teacher/coach will offer. You earn an A in a class that you make your top priority.  With coaching, you earn something much larger. You earn life/work that will nourish you and the world.

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