Frequently Asked Questions

How do you help?

I help you see who you are and who you can become. I help by asking useful questions and being truly interested in your reply. I help by gently insisting that you look honestly at what is needed to make your future grow.  I help by expecting serious work and being a skillful partner. I help by always expecting you to succeed.

What does career coaching address?

Career coaching can address whatever you need help with in career exploration and planning. You may want to discover work that is nourishing for you and needed in the world. You may want support in establishing your own enterprise. You may want to be more successful in your current workplace.  I can help in whatever way would be most useful for growing your work life. I have helped many people in these ways over the years.

 Am I a good candidate for coaching with you?

Yes, if you want help that grows who you are.  And yes, if you want help that draws upon your values and respects who you are. Yes, if you want help that is affordable and accessible. And yes, if you are ready to make your work a top priority and be an active partner with me.

How does life/work discovery look?

I offer a structured program that can flex where needed. We explore your heartfelt values, your preferred strengths, your life/work priorities, your motivating interests. We expand your knowledge of occupations. We identify resources you have and those you may need.  Homework promotes your progress.  Together, we discover new choices that express who you are and who you want to be.

Do you offer testing?

I have provided career testing to many clients over the years. Based on overall client response, I have narrowed down to the Strong Interest Inventory. The Strong has a longstanding and top-flight international reputation among career interest assessments. The version I use generates fifteen pages which suggest broad fields and specific occupations for you to consider. There are spin-offs online but the actual Strong can only be taken with a qualified provider.

What do your services cost?

Your total cost will depend on the process you choose.  So, until we speak, I cannot offer a dependable figure. I am confident that if you compare costs, you will find my charges fair and reasonable. I enjoy working with clients who want to work with me. For that reason, if you are experiencing financial hardship, I will talk with you about a modified fee. If you are fortunate to have reasonable resources, then you will still find my charges to be affordable and fair. Payment is made only after each meeting occurs and can be by credit card or check.

How long is the process?

That depends upon what you choose as the appropriate service. We discuss options in your complimentary initial meeting. To schedule that complimentary consultation, call 678-612-2596 or simply click on Contact and I will promptly reply.  You will leave our talk with information to think over and decide whether we are a good match. I look forward to hearing from you today!