Creative Job Search

Career coaches say that your job search is your job. If you must understand a job to be good at it, then you must understand the job search to be good at that. I can help you succeed.

In today's distressed economy, job postings are no longer enough. It is essential to be informed and creative in your search. New methods are required. Creative methods which fit who you are and open up doors.

I offer an individualized process which tailors best job search practices to your strengths and preferences. By matching who you are with new and creative approaches, we empower your search. Homework between meetings will maximize your progress and keep you moving forward.

An effective search requires clarity and focus. Whether you approach an employer, a placement specialist, or a prospective client, you must be clear on your goal and your strengths. Whenever needed, I can help you with both. Your search must also exhibit strong attention to detail.  Everything including resume and cover letter must present you with impact and clarity.  You must know who you are.

From a place of clarity, we choose creative job search methods which fit well for you. You are an active participant. I am your experienced guide every step of the way.

To schedule your complimentary 30 minute phone appointment, call 404-897-1766 or simply Contact Me . Based on our discussion, you will receive a complimentary individualized career coaching plan to consider. I look forward to hearing from you today!