Are you just starting your career? Are you in a job that is sucking your life energy from your very bones? Have you been downsized and are wondering what is next?  You may be discouraged hearing the statistics about the numbers of unemployed and jobs disappearing. But take heart. In times of change and upheaval there are opportunities that are harder to come by when people are going about their business in a state of status quo. More people than ever have started their own businesses or have looked to creative, unconventional ideas to make their livings. Their is the chef whose restaurant closed but now he runs a thriving food truck having the time of his life. Or the builder who was creating neighborhood communities who is now coaching people to develop their online communities. It is possible to find a career you love and be passionate about your job. You don't have to settle for anything less.


i have no idea where to start

Then you are a great candidate for life work coaching. It is difficult to be creative and have confidence when you are discouraged and afraid. I will work with you to assess your strengths and passions and life situation to help you discover other paths and to keep your head up. People wear themselves out going to job fairs and networking events where they become more dismayed and sometimes stop their search and settle for anything and never start looking again. I can offer you ideas and encourage you in ways to avoid  happening to you. We will build ideas based upon the foundation of your deeply held values.Our work will help you grow who you are and deepen how your chosen work will matter in our world.

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why work that builds sustainable community?

This has everything to do with who we are as human beings. Cutting-edge discoveries in psychology emphasize that we live constantly in relationship. From birth, we live in communities of many sorts and sizes ranging from our family to our globe. There is no way to appreciate who you are without appreciating who we are together.  We live as neighbors. We are constantly in networks. We live and breathe and grow and die in relationship. Sustainable life/work coaching acknowledges and encourages all of who you are and can become.

How does life/work coaching look?

We explore your heartfelt values, your signature strengths, your life/work priorities, your compelling interests. We expand your information on the world of work including local and global trends. We identify resources you have and those you may want.  We ask whether any obstacles might stand in your way and we create movement around them. We look at the part you want your work to play in your life. We aim for those to be mutually supportive. We thoughtfully explore how you want to contribute to a sustainable world.  We make you proud.

Homework promotes your progress and engagement.  And it will be key to our meetings. Your weekly feedback form will let me know how we are doing. We engage in disciplined, dynamic, partnership which supports you as an active agent in creating a new way of working and living. I guide as you lead.

How long is the process?

We move through a flexible structure that respects your unique needs. My clients assess their progress week to week and provide feedback that keeps us productive. Our work resembles professional services (for example, physical therapy) where the service addresses your unique needs and we evaluate your progress as we go. You will play a significant role in determining quality and duration of our work. My clients bring unique situations and needs to me. Our work respects that fact. My approach is both structured and creative to support your progress and to fit who you uniquely are.

And what next?

We schedule a complimentary half hour appointment by phone. If we find a good fit, we schedule your first full hour paid appointment, or you may decide later whether to proceed.  If you do continue, we meet by phone. I make it easy to schedule and pay for your session with a link to Paypal link on my site.

Distance coaching facilitates keeping our regularly scheduled sessions, which is key to your progress. Neither travel nor traffic gets in our way.  This supports my commitment to provide high-quality life/work coaching to the widest possible range of clients in an affordable, sustainable way.

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