My Clients Are Teachers

partnersI learn from my clients. They often inspire me. What my clients and I do is real work for us both. For me, that work is interesting and engaging. I believe that is true for my clients.

And why not? We set out on an adventure, a process of discovery. We explore possibilities for income-producing work that will be as engaging and meaningful for my clients as my work is for me.

I found a counselor, years ago, who supported me in choosing this work that is so deeply satisfying. She was a turning point in my life. That is my goal with my clients.

We dedicate more than half our waking hours to income-producing work. It is so important to discover work that lets us contribute our time and energy in ways that we feel proud of and ways that fit who we are and want to be.

My clients help me learn and grow and feel proud of my work. I am dedicated to returning that life-changing service to them.

You may schedule your complimentary phone appointment by simply clicking on Contact.  Or you may leave a message at 678-612-2596.  In our meeting, we will discuss your work situation and my services. You will leave with information you need to decide whether we are a right match. I hope to hear from you today!