My Clients Are Teachers

I learn from my clients. They often inspire me. What my clients and I do is real work for us both. For me, that work is interesting and engaging. I believe that is true for my clients. And why not? … [Read more...]

What Are Your Preferred Strengths?

You have strengths and you have strengths you prefer. So you may be good with writing and you may love numbers. You may be good with athletics and you may prefer conversation. You don't want to … [Read more...]

Work That Is Real

"The pitcher cries for water to carry and a person for work that is real." This thought-provoking quotation comes from author and social activist Marge Piercy. What do you think Piercy means by a … [Read more...]

How Do You (Want to) Feel About Your Work?

Sometimes I reflect on how much the word "passion" is used in discussing work life.  Book shelves and blogs are filled with such titles and invitations. While many speak of work that will be a true … [Read more...]

Who Chooses A Career Coach?

Let me share with you about two of my current career clients. Then, you may want to click on my Linked In icon and see comments placed there by former clients.  Linked In is a website all working … [Read more...]

How to Learn from Stress At Work

What can you learn from stress at work? Quite a lot. Is your work stress a sign to consider another career? Does it mean that your work does not fit with your skills, interests, values? Work stress … [Read more...]

Career Goals Can Draw You Like A Magnet

Nourishing and meaningful work grows from career goals that pull you to them. Career goals can draw you like a magnet and transform your work life into your life/work. How do you discover career … [Read more...]

Workers Want To Create and Do Good

I have served career clients of all ages for many years. What most people want is the chance to make a positive difference and the chance to be creative in their work. I recently read an article … [Read more...]

Work Appeal Is A Practical Question

As a career coach, I say to my clients that appeal is a key feature of practical life/work choice. You will perform far better in work that appeals. You will be more successful in a job search for … [Read more...]

Courageous Choices: From CPA to Interfaith Chaplain

At 51, Sonya left her Deep South hometown and CPA career to enter Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Sonya grew up in a Southern Baptist family and as an adult became interested in Buddhism. She … [Read more...]


Do you want a change in your work life? I can help. I am in the business of growing lives. Growing careers. Clarifying vision.  Reaching goals. Designing new ways to work and to live. Explore … [Read more...]