A Winning Resume Has Focus

Although my primary goal is to assist my clients with career exploration, the resume does come up. I will often review a resume prior to the first meeting. My interest is the person's background. … [Read more...]

How Does Career Telecoaching Work?

Career telecoaching works perfectly. Let me share my story in case you wonder. I have provided career services for 25 plus years.  For much of that time, my clients and I worked exclusively … [Read more...]

Can You Make A New Start After 50?

Yes, you can make a new start at any age. And that includes paid and full-time work.  Satisfying and meaningful work. My clients and I do that every day. Age is one consideration. Age is one … [Read more...]

Meet My Clients

My clients are interesting and varied.  Here are a few I am working with now.  Both photos and names are fictitious. All client stories are real. Adam is in his thirties. He lost his way after … [Read more...]

What Is Career Coaching?

My clients and I form a creative partnership. Together we create a new work life. I spoke this week to a woman about my services. Let me call her Susan. It gradually became clear that Susan … [Read more...]

Learn How to Read Job Statistics

My job as a career coach includes believing in my clients even when they are discouraged. It is my job to help my clients see their possibilities in new ways. For example, we discuss how to read … [Read more...]

How to Create Your Life/Work

Finding work that nourishes you and the world requires commitment and creativity. Few are lucky enough to "fall into" it.  Many assume others have done a much better job of finding their life/work … [Read more...]

Not Your Parents’ Work World

I heard President Obama say something memorable to high school grads.  I believe no previous American President has ever said this to American kids. Obama told these young Americans that they would be … [Read more...]

Learn From Your Strengths!

Start with accomplishments. Schedule a quiet time and think back over your life. Consider every age of your life to remember times when you did something, large or small, that gave you a sense of … [Read more...]