Career Goals Can Draw You Like A Magnet

Nourishing and meaningful work grows from career goals that pull you to them. Career goals can draw you like a magnet and transform your work life into your life/work.

How do you discover career goals that pull you like a magnet? Honesty is required. You must focus on what you truly want to do.  Sometimes this requires additional information. Sometimes you know, but other factors get in the way.

As a career coach, my job includes helping you find and say what work you want to do in the world.  I don’t mean what you should do or what you think it would be smart to do.  I mean what you deeply want to do.

Choosing a magnetic career goal is very smart because it draws you to it.  Of course there are various factors that come into your choice.  If you deeply want to become a surgeon or an Olympics athlete, this may or may not be feasible. We look thoughtfully at what pulls you and at what can be done.

We work to discover career goals that draw you like a magnet and are possible in your life. We are visionary and we are sensible.  We begin with your vision.

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