Can You Make A New Start After 50?

Yes, you can make a new start at any age. And that includes paid and full-time work.  Satisfying and meaningful work.

My clients and I do that every day.

Age is one consideration. Age is one factor in your total resume and age is even optional for your resume.

The essential resume items are your skills, your work habits, your accomplishments. These are the factors that will position you well for the position you seek.

Age can be seen as a plus or a minus by an employer. How employers see age will vary. Your areas of expertise will add to your appeal for an employer who equates age with maturity, and your expertise will offset age for an employer who sees age as a minus. Both employers will see your age in the larger context of your skills and valuable experience.

That is also true for the young person entering the workplace for the first time and having far less to offer in certain ways than the experienced worker. Age is one factor in a larger picture of what you can offer. My clients and I place age in its proper place and perspective.

I read a while back about a woman who graduated from law school at eighty. She was opening a law practice related to gerontology. This senior said that she was tired of hearing that folks of her age were all done. She was making a brand-new start and she was well over 50.  You can make a new start at any age.

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