Bright Outlook Careers

prioritiesWhat are careers with a bright outlook?

It can mean that the career is fast-growing. Such careers are expected to grow much faster than the average with an employment increase of 22 percent or more over upcoming years.

This fast-growing list is likely to include actuaries, dental hygienists, genetic counselors, home health aides, mental health counselors, mathematicians, computer systems analysts and many more. All levels of education or training can be found.

Or bright careers can mean positions with many job openings. These positions are expected to have more than 100,000 openings in the U.S. stretching beyond 2020. Such careers can include accountants, baristas and bartenders, school social workers, civil engineers, customer service representatives, critical care nurses, and many more.

Or bright careers can mean new and emerging occupations in high growth industries. Such careers include many green jobs such as sustainability officer, climate change analyst, bioinformatics technician, compliance manager and many more.

New and emerging occupations may also include acupuncturist, biostatistician, distance learning coordinator, fitness and wellness coordinator, fuel cell engineer, green marketer, and many more.

Your time can be well -spent online learning about employment trends.  You will notice that these work trends reflect other important and interesting societal and cultural developments. One example is the aging of baby boomers.

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