A Way to See Yourself

It is easy to think of who you are in terms of the past. It is easy to approach your resume or an interview as a report on what you have done before. This approach has risks. A major risk is that … [Read more...]

What Career Help Do You Need?

Career coaches help in a variety of ways. Let's take a look at a few. My clients often arrive seeking guidance in choosing or advancing a career. They want help to find work that appeals and is … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk Accomplishments

Moving ahead in your work life means highlighting your accomplishments. And the accomplishments you need to highlight are the successes you most enjoyed. Focusing on your accomplishments will bring … [Read more...]

Bright Outlook Careers

What are careers with a bright outlook? It can mean that the career is fast-growing. Such careers are expected to grow much faster than the average with an employment increase of 22 percent or more … [Read more...]

Is A Certificate for You?

Certificate programs have become a popular choice for those who do and don't have a college degree. If you are up for doing your research, a certificate may advance your career, increase your pay, … [Read more...]

Work/Life Discovery

I will call this client Amy. Amy and I discovered a vocation that brought tears to her voice (yes, her voice). And we made that discovery in our first full hour of meeting. That is unusual. Also … [Read more...]

My Clients Are Teachers

I learn from my clients. They often inspire me. What my clients and I do is real work for us both. For me, that work is interesting and engaging. I believe that is true for my clients. And why not? … [Read more...]

Can You Be Helped?

I spoke recently with a woman in her fifties who is dependent on herself for income and who has a limited support system. She lacked clarity and was concerned about her future.  She was unsure whether … [Read more...]

A Winning Resume Has Focus

Although my primary goal is to assist my clients with career exploration, the resume does come up. I will often review a resume prior to the first meeting. My interest is the person's background. … [Read more...]

What Are Your Preferred Strengths?

You have strengths and you have strengths you prefer. So you may be good with writing and you may love numbers. You may be good with athletics and you may prefer conversation. You don't want to … [Read more...]