And Also

You may be employed and want to advance in your workplace. You may be working freelance or temp and hope for full-time. You may be concerned to keep a position you have.  My clients bring in various challenges that occur in the workplace.

We look at choices you are making and new choices you want to create.  We look at relationships you have and those you want to grow. How well you do in your work depends, to a large extent, on how creative you can become in choice-making and relationship-building.

Life at work, at home, and everywhere is about creativity in relationship-building and choice-making. This is an area of special interest and expertise which I bring to my clients for professional development.

To schedule your complimentary appointment, call 404-897-1766 or simply Contact Me. You will leave that meeting with information to think over and decide whether my services are a good match. I hope to speak with you soon!