An Excellent Interest Assessment

There are usually a number of careers that a person will find deeply engaging.  My clients often choose the first-class Strong Interest Inventory as part of our work.  The Strong organizes occupations under five broad families of careers based on what interests and appeals to you. These career families are called themes

There is the Artistic theme which covers careers ranging from fine arts to applied arts all the way to careers working with the arts, such as literature teacher.

There is the Social theme with a focus not on partying but on providing a human service. My own  work falls within the career group called Social.

There is the Enterprising theme with a focus on business and sales and entrepreneurial careers. Both Enterprising and Social are people categories and involve working with people in different ways.

There is the Conventional theme which always strikes me as oddly named for a category of careers. These are occupations that involve a strong degree of structure and predictability in the work.

And there is the Realistic theme which also seems an odd name for careers.  The Realistic category includes occupations that tend to require physical skills and often an enjoyment of the outdoors.

This a tiny intro to the seven broad groupings of careers according to interest.  Much more can be said.

There are different versions of the Strong Interest Inventory.  I prefer one that produces eighteen pages of information for  review with my clients (who then keep those results for their further review).

The Strong is an internationally popular and highly regarded career assessment tool. My clients have found it interesting and helpful for many years.  That is why I continue using it.  To discuss how career services may be helpful to you, simply contact me to schedule your complimentary appointment.  I look forward to speaking!