A Winning Resume Has Focus

careerAlthough my primary goal is to assist my clients with career exploration, the resume does come up. I will often review a resume prior to the first meeting. My interest is the person’s background. However, the resume sometimes cries out for attention.

So, what makes for a winning resume?  What makes for a winning resume is focus and clarity.  When employers or HR staff scan your resume, they want easy reading. They do not want to figure out who you are and what you offer. Whether you state an objective or not, your resume objective needs to be crystal clear.

In a previous work life, I taught college English. A good resume resembles a good school paper. It is highly organized. Every sentence and every section must present your main point(s). A strong resume makes a convincing case and wastes no words.

And, in this job market, it isn’t smart to have a general purpose resume. If you send the same resume for more than one opening, you are taking a big chance. Another applicant will have tailored the resume to closely match what the employer is wanting for that specific position.

I suggest that you visit a bookstore and find a resume book that appeals to you. Be sure to choose one that shows several resume formats. It is not true that a chronological format is always the best choice. And I do not usually prefer online resume examples.

More can be said about how to produce a strong resume.  For example, you  need at least one excellent proofreader. When you write a resume, it is very easy to overlook a small error in what you have written. And every resume you submit needs to be a perfect paper!

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