A Mercedes of Interest Assessment

I have said before that my clients and I often include the internationally respected Strong Interest Inventory for career exploration. E. K. Strong Jr. published his inventory on the measurement of interests in 1927 .

Since then, ongoing research has demonstrated the outstanding validity of the Strong as an interest assessment for both educational and career planning. I think of it as the Mercedes of assessments.

Due to its stellar reputation, there are spinoffs from the Strong online. The authentic Strong Interest Inventory, however, is only available through a qualified provider who has been approved to administer and discuss the Strong results with clients or students.

My clients have made clear for many years that what we learn from the Strong is interesting and useful. Together we review broad career fields and specific career recommendations which emerge from career interests as assessed by the Strong.

The Strong Interest Inventory can play an important part in career exploration and planning. Along with other forms of information, my clients and I use it in a creative process to discover interesting and meaningful work options.

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