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Work Appeal Is A Practical Question

As a career coach, I say to my clients that appeal is a key feature of practical life/work choice. You will perform far better in work that appeals. You will be more successful in a job search for … [Read more...]

Do You Need A Union?

We live in a job market that is changing so rapidly nobody knows how to handle it. Production can be highly automated in many factories and offfices. Employers can have much higher output with many … [Read more...]

Write Your Obituary to Clarify Your Life/Work

Are you unclear on your life goals? Here is an exercise to help. Think about your funeral. Someone is speaking about your life. Someone is highlighting what you accomplished. What would you most … [Read more...]

Not Your Parents’ Work World

I heard President Obama say something memorable to high school grads.  I believe no previous American President has ever said this to American kids. Obama told these young Americans that they would be … [Read more...]