Do you want help with your work life? You may be employed and want something new. You may be looking and lack clarity or confidence. You may have goals that you are not reaching. You may have too many ideas or too few. You may be struggling to keep up your spirits. Here are some of the ways I can help!

  • I can help you clarify your vision.
  • I can help you identify your interests and strengths.
  • I can partner with you to keep up your spirits.
  • I can help you create avenues to accomplish your goals.
  • I can help you discover nourishing, meaningful work.

I am an experienced coach and certified counselor. Services are convenient and affordable. Your initial appointment is complimentary. We will discuss your situation and the services I offer. You will leave our talk with information to consider and decide.

I invite you to check out the site. Learn About Diane and see Frequently Asked Questions. Look over Career Planning to see what you and I can accomplish.

All processes are flexible for your individual needs.

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A Way to See Yourself

aspirationIt is easy to think of who you are in terms of the past. It is easy to approach your resume or an interview as a report on what you have done before.

This approach has risks. A major risk is that what you have done will overshadow what you now want to do.  Your thinking may be limited to roles you have already played.

A focus on your future can highlight your interests and strengths. A focus on the future can provide a way to organize the roles and accomplishments of your past in the service of your desired future. [Read More…]

What Career Help Do You Need?

Thinking HardCareer coaches help in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at a few.

My clients often arrive seeking guidance in choosing or advancing a career. They want help to find work that appeals and is meaningful and practical for their specific circumstances.

It can feel discouraging to pursue that exploration alone.  And it can be hard to explore with family or friends who may be overly invested in your choices and understandably not well informed.

So my clients want help from a partner who can be an experienced guide and still leave the driving to them. [Read More…]

Let’s Talk Accomplishments

meaningful workMoving ahead in your work life means highlighting your accomplishments. And the accomplishments you need to highlight are the successes you most enjoyed.

Focusing on your accomplishments will bring major benefits. Having successes in mind will improve your mood. Examining successes — especially those you most enjoyed — will point toward your future.  Featuring successes as a framework for your resume will attract the employer.

My clients and I make great use of accomplishments as we explore and design next steps. We discover accomplishments. We examine accomplishments. We create forward movement and energy and focus!

You may schedule a complimentary appointment to discuss energizing your work life by clicking on email and I will promptly reply. In our 45 minute phone conversation, we will discuss your situation and my services. You will leave with information to decide whether we are a right match. I hope to hear from you today!


Bright Outlook Careers

prioritiesWhat are careers with a bright outlook?

It can mean that the career is fast-growing. Such careers are expected to grow much faster than the average with an employment increase of 22 percent or more over upcoming years.

This fast-growing list is likely to include actuaries, dental hygienists, genetic counselors, home health aides, mental health counselors, mathematicians, computer systems analysts and many more. All levels of education or training can be found. [Read More…]

Is A Certificate for You?

transitionCertificate programs have become a popular choice for those who do and don’t have a college degree. If you are up for doing your research, a certificate may advance your career, increase your pay, open the door to a new line of work, help you re-enter the job market after a long time away. These are some of the reasons to consider adding a certificate to your resume.

Good programs can be found online, in community colleges, and in universities. Tuition can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Programs can be part-time or full-time. Many will take less than a year to complete.

Some of the fields where certificates can hold value are project management, personal training, IT support, nursing, financial planning, medical coding, architecture, and education. There are many more.

Always do your homework first. Check position openings in your area of interest. Check whether employers ask for a certificate. Are there many openings where you want to live? Do you know anyone with such a certificate [Read More…]

Work/Life Discovery

Outside the boxI will call this client Amy. Amy and I discovered a vocation that brought tears to her voice (yes, her voice). And we made that discovery in our first full hour of meeting. That is unusual.

Also unusual is that Amy had done that work before — and she had given it up. Giving it up was a complicated decision impacted by family difficulties at the time. Amy boxed up many materials that she had lovingly prepared for that heartfelt vocation. She had not opened those boxes again.

Before giving homework at the end of that hour, I asked whether Amy had any homework in mind. In a thoughtful tone, she said that she might want to get those boxes down and look at those materials again. [Read More…]

My Clients Are Teachers

partnersI learn from my clients. They often inspire me. What my clients and I do is real work for us both. For me, that work is interesting and engaging. I believe that is true for my clients.

And why not? We set out on an adventure, a process of discovery. We explore possibilities for income-producing work that will be as engaging and meaningful for my clients as my work is for me.

I found a counselor, years ago, who supported me in choosing this work that is so deeply satisfying. She was a turning point in my life. That is my goal with my clients. [Read More…]

Can You Be Helped?

confusedI spoke recently with a woman in her fifties who is dependent on herself for income and who has a limited support system. She lacked clarity and was concerned about her future.  She was unsure whether a career services provider could help someone “like her”.

The career discovery process that my clients and I create will be similar regardless of age or other individual differences.  Of course, age can sometimes be a challenge in the world of work. And so can other factors.

Age, education, money, time, work history, place of residence, all can present challenges in making a meaningful and practical work/life choice. [Read More…]

A Winning Resume Has Focus

careerAlthough my primary goal is to assist my clients with career exploration, the resume does come up. I will often review a resume prior to the first meeting. My interest is the person’s background. However, the resume sometimes cries out for attention.

So, what makes for a winning resume?  What makes for a winning resume is focus and clarity.  When employers or HR staff scan your resume, they want easy reading. They do not want to figure out who you are and what you offer. Whether you state an objective or not, your resume [Read More…]

What Are Your Preferred Strengths?

WhoYou have strengths and you have strengths you prefer. So you may be good with writing and you may love numbers. You may be good with athletics and you may prefer conversation.

You don’t want to give up writing or athletics, but you may want to consider numbers and/or conversation as building blocks for your career. They are not simply strengths.  They are preferred strengths.

Many years ago, I went through a career coaching process with a very good counselor. She gave me an exercise that I use with my clients today for identifying preferred strengths.  The strengths that my counselor and I [Read More…]

Work That Is Real

Piercy“The pitcher cries for water to carry and a person for work that is real.” This thought-provoking quotation comes from author and social activist Marge Piercy.

What do you think Piercy means by a pitcher crying for water to carry? How do you understand her statement that a person cries for work that is real?

I set out with my clients to discover work that fulfills who they are and that is needed in the world. I consider work that is meaningful  for the individual and for the community to be one good definition of work that is real.

My clients and I join hands and combine our resources to discover such work. We accomplish that together.

If you wish to schedule a complimentary initial appointment, just click on email or call 404-897-1766. In that 45 minute phone apppointment, we will discuss your work life and the career services I offer.

You will hang up from our talk with information  to think over and decide whether we are a good match. I look forward to speaking!

A Mercedes of Interest Assessment

I have said before that my clients and I often include the internationally respected Strong Interest Inventory for career exploration. E. K. Strong Jr. published his inventory on the measurement of interests in 1927 .

Since then, ongoing research has demonstrated the outstanding validity of the Strong as an interest assessment for both educational and career planning. I think of it as the Mercedes of assessments.

Due to its stellar reputation, there are spinoffs from the Strong online. The authentic Strong Interest Inventory, however, is only available through a qualified provider who has been approved to administer and discuss the Strong results with clients or students. [Read More…]

Why Choose A Career Coach?

career coachIt is always important to be thoughtful about work choices, and today it is more than important. Today it is essential to be smart in what you do. The world of work is in dynamic transition. A career coach may be a big help.

A career coach is not simply a trained helping professional. Of course, it is useful to have someone who is trained to be supportive and to listen and be your professional partner.  An expert career coach offers all that and more.

A career coach helps specifically with the world of work.  A career coach must have expertise in career guidance and assessment.  A career coach [Read More…]

Occupational Info Overflowing

Have you heard about O’Net?  It is the interactive online Occupational Information Network sponsored by the U. S. Department of Labor.  Put more simply, O’Net is overflowing with info on occupations.

Careers and career families.  Salaries and benefits. Education and training. Regional information. Resumes and interviews. Additional resources. Almost anything you want about career information, the Department of Labor will try to help.

For some of my clients, O’Net is more than they want. For others of my clients,  O’Net is a rich and interesting resource. See what O’Net can be for you. Very [Read More…]

How Do You (Want to) Feel About Your Work?

Sometimes I reflect on how much the word “passion” is used in discussing work life.  Book shelves and blogs are filled with such titles and invitations.

While many speak of work that will be a true passion, I lean toward work that is heartfelt and meaningful.

If you believe it is possible to be quietly passionate, that is how I think of work that is meaningful. Work that matters to you in a heartfelt way. Work that you are proud to do. Work that makes a positive difference in your life and in our world.

You may schedule a complimentary phone appointment to discuss career coaching for meaningful work by clicking on Contact or you may phone 404-897-1766.

You will leave our talk with information to think over whether we may be a good match.  Please allow 45 minutes for that complimentary meeting. I look forward to hearing from you today!


Who Chooses A Career Coach?

Let me share with you about two of my current career clients. Then, you may want to click on my Linked In icon and see comments placed there by former clients.  Linked In is a website all working people should know.

One current client is a woman in her twenties, college grad, who went straight to graduate school and soon realized she was headed in a wrong direction. She knew what career she wanted, but she had no support from those in her life to do that. She had begun down their path, not hers.

This young woman is lucky. Let’s call her Nancy. Over many years of providing career guidance, I have worked with many people who were mid-career before they understood what Nancy realized. They had invested a lot in the “wrong direction” and it took considerable courage for them to call and say “I want help”.  My job was to partner in reorganizing an established but unsatisfying work life. [Read More…]

How Does Career Telecoaching Work?

Career telecoaching works perfectly. Let me share my story in case you wonder.

I have provided career services for 25 plus years.  For much of that time, my clients and I worked exclusively face-to-face.

And then I received my first out-of-state referral. I lived and worked in Atlanta. The  new caller lived and worked in Pennsylvania.

She had contacted a therapist in Philly for career help.  That professional person had no specialized training in career work. She had met me and knew my experience in career services.  She had conducted phone appointments with some of her clients. This all came together for her and she passed on my name.

That caller became my client and we pursued career services via  telecoaching.  Eventually, he referred another out-of-state resident to me.  Based on our long-distance work, she provided an appreciation [Read More…]

Can You Make A New Start After 50?

Yes, you can make a new start at any age. And that includes paid and full-time work.  Satisfying and meaningful work.

My clients and I do that every day.

Age is one consideration. Age is one factor in your total resume and age is even optional for your resume.

The essential resume items are your skills, your work habits, your accomplishments. These are the factors that will position you well for the position you seek.

Age can be seen as a plus or a minus by an employer. How employers see age will vary. Your areas of expertise will add to your appeal for an employer who equates age with maturity, and your expertise will offset age for an employer who sees age as a minus. Both employers will see your age in the larger context of your skills and valuable experience. [Read More…]

Meet My Clients

My clients are interesting and varied.  Here are a few I am working with now.  Both photos and names are fictitious. All client stories are real.

Adam is in his thirties. He lost his way after completing college on a full scholarship. He has moved from one entry-level job to the next. His interests are very different from those of his family. We are working on career exploration and on keeping up his spirits.

Steven is a high achiever.  He has advanced in his work and makes an excellent income. However, he is unhappy with his work and he especially dislikes the very long hours which keep him from friends, family, and interests he used to enjoy. We are working to find alternatives which provide more life/work balance [Read More…]

What Are Your Career Priorities?

When a client comes to me for career guidance, part of our work concerns career priorities.

We look at priorities as the circles around the center of a target. The bullseye is the position as it might appear in a job description. The  priorities are factors that are important for you to have a rich and satisfying life.

Priorities can include factors as obvious as income and as simple as commute. I had a client who loved her work life until the company moved and she found herself twice daily in the worst commute in the city.

These priorities matter. Your co-workers matter. Your manager matters. What your organization is doing in the world may matter to you. Priorities are not the job itself, but they are key to your work life and to your work satisfaction.  My clients and I take them seriously.

You may schedule a complimentary phone appointment by calling 404-897-1766 or simply email and I will be glad to reply.

We will discuss your work situation and my services. You will hang up with information to think over and decide whether we are a good match. I hope to hear from you today!